5 Tips for Effective Treadmill Running

Did you know that walking on a treadmill is rated among the most effective ways of losing weight? If you didn’t, now you know! You can indeed use a treadmill to burn lots of calories as the exercises are normally vigorous and with a lot of intensity. There are many health benefits associated with treadmill running one of them being that it can help you to reduce the risk associated with cardiovascular diseases. With that said, you need to know how to it effectively if you really want to make the most of your treadmill running. This piece highlights five of the most effective ways to make the most of your treadmill.

Always remain prepared  

Part of the preparation process involves having the right pieces of clothing and gear. You need to have the right gear at all the times regardless of your running pace. Consider wearing a well-fit technical T-shirt with some quality pair of shorts to go with and if you can an easy to use waterbottle. You can top this by complementing your attire with some decent running shoes so as to increase your safety measures when running. The last thing you want is to get injured as you practice.

Ensure that you’ve warmed up right

Unlike when you decide to run outside on your own, running on a treadmill requires a bit of warming up before engaging yourself. In as much it sounds right to jump up on one and start cranking away, this is not the best way to approach a treadmill workout session. Consider walking first for a few minutes before hopping on a treadmill. This will help your body to adjust.

Familiarize yourself with the controls

If you are doing this for the first time, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the controls because the last thing you want is to jump on one with no idea of how to operate the treadmill. Even if it means just figuring out which buttons to hit when you want to increase or decrease your speed, this can come in handy when you need them the most. Other important things you need to take note of are the screen indicators that show the amount of calories burnt, your heart rate and the emergency stop button.

Avoid holding the bars

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the treadmill and now you want to run, one thing you need to take note of is that holding the bars when run is considered a bad idea. Beginners can be excused but they should not take it far. You need to understand that when you hold the bars for support there is a high chance that you are overdoing your exercises.

Watch your steps

Take this into consideration; whenever you are running on a treadmill, you need to make sure that you land your feet well. Try to land midsole as this can guarantee you safety. If you land on your toes, chances are that you might subject your calves into too much pressure and can even develop shin pain.